Laser Cut and Engraving Services

Other than customising our in-house products, Nahl Gifts also provide laser cut and laser engraving services for non in-house products.

Our laser engraving services start from SGD$13. The pricing of our engraving service depends on:

1) the intricacy of what is required to be engraved (words only, words with images, logos, special characters, etc)

2) the type of material to be engraved on

3) the size of the required engraving.

Do chat with us with these details so that we can give you an accurate quote.


You can drop off your items at our location on weekdays between 3pm and 7pm or you may engage our courier service for the required item(s) at the following rates: 

Items of maximum weight of 15kg

1 way trip - $25

2 way trips - $40

Items weighing more than 15kg

1 way trip - $35

2 way trips - $60